Can I drop my bike off for repair?
No. We are not a full-service bike shop. Our goal is to empower all people to work on their own bikes.

Do you have ____ bike in stock?
Our refurbished bike inventory changes rapidly. In the peak season (April – September) it is hard to keep refurbished bikes in stock. Our volunteer staff typically commit to one shift per week, so it’s hard for us to know what is in stock without us being at the shop during our open hours.

Do you accept trades?
No we don’t accept trades of any type, for cash, shop credit, or bike parts.

How can I get a used bike?
We offer two ways to get a used bike: purchasing a refurbished bike, or repairing your own through the Build-a-Bike program.

My bike was stolen. Do you have it?
Probably not. Since we don’t accept trades, we don’t offer any value to someone looking to profit from a stolen bike. In our experience, most bike thieves aren’t looking to fix up their stolen ride, either. You can email us about your stolen bike, and we’ll keep our eyes open for it, but it’s unlikely to show up in our shop.

The first visit is free? What is the catch?
We want to give you the opportunity to stop by our shop and see how valuable a membership at The Bike Project can be. We’ll help you with a minor repair during your free visit. A “minor repair” is one that should take no more than about 30 minutes — stuff like tire repair, brake adjustment, etc.

Can I store my bike in your shop over ____ break?
No. We do not offer a bike storage service at this time.

Can I rent a bike from you?
No. We do not offer a bike rental service at this time.

Do you buy back bikes that you sell?
No. We do not have a buy-back program at this time. However, if you purchase a refurbished bike and notice a problem with it immediately, we will work with you to make sure you are satisfied.