Get a Bike


There's more than one way to get yourself a bike at The Bike Project co-op!

Buy a bike: Nicely Repaired Bikes

Ready-to-Ride: Stop by and see our showroom of lovingly repaired used bikes – checked, cleaned, and ready to ride home.

  • Repaired bikes are available for sale during our staffed shop hours, year 'round.
  • Ready-to-ride bikes start at $70, with most available for less than $200.
  • A one-year Bike Project membership is included with bike purchase.
  • All members receive big discounts on parts and accessories like baskets and fenders, as well as access to our shops, tools, and workstands.
  • More bikes become available all the time (from our rotating stock of 100 or so non-repaired bikes), as Bike Project staffers repair them.
Build-a-Bike: your labor, your savings

For lower prices, a broader selection of bikes, and more customization, consider joining as a member, then take advantage of Build-a-Bike:

  • Become a member of the co-op.
  • Pick an unrepaired used bike to salvage; prices start at $20.
  • Buy parts (if needed) at our very-low member prices.
  • Work on the bike in our shop during staffed open hours.
  • Keep your incomplete bike in our storage area between visits.
  • Finish your bike, find someone to double-check your work, and ride away!
  • Custom builds – including fixed gear builds – encouraged. (Go ahead, you know it's time to make a fixie!)



Bikes may be paid for with cash, credit/debit card, or local check (w/ government-issued ID).