The Bike Project

Contact information:

The Bike Project of Urbana-Champaign
202 S. Broadway, Room 24 (Corner of Elm and Broadway)

Urbana, Illinois 61801


Phone: (217) 469-5126 


Enter via south-side basement staircase.
The 202 S. Broadway building contains the downtown U.S. Post Office, the Independent Media Center, and the Bike Project co-op shop. The building is grey stone with large columns, is just north of Lincoln Square mall, and just south of the southeast corner of Elm and Broadway. Enter the Bike Project via the outside staircase going down on the south side of the building. To find the Bike Project entrance, start outside facing the main west-side entrance (columns), then walk counter-clockwise around the outside of the building until you reach a small parking lot with bicycle racks and a staircase going down. 

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