The Bike Project



Donate money: your tax-deductible donation to this growing community resource will be greatly appreciated.


Donate Bikes: support our efforts to provide bikes and bike repair to the community!

    To donate a bike:

We prefer: bring your bikes or parts into the co-op shop, during any of our open hours, and hand them off to a Bike Project staffer.


If you really can't make it to any of our open hours, you can drop off clearly labeled bikes and parts in the bike rack outside the entrance to the Bike Project; the bike rack is at the top of the basment stairs. Securely attach a tag or similar to each bike / large part, reading "Donation for Bike Project, from YourName Here" so we can be sure that the bike / part is meant to be a donation. If you like, e-mail us at to let us know to look out for the drop-off.


If you are donating a large number of bikes, e-mail us at to see if we can schedule a pickup from your location.