Visiting the shop to make a purchase is always free. We carry basic supplies to get you rolling safely: tires, tubes, brakes, locks, etc., but you will find a better selection at any of the great local bike shops in town.

Bike repair

Your first bike repair visit to The Bike Project is free to use the space for a single minor repair(you still have to pay for parts)– if you want to use our shop more, you must become a member. During your first visit, the first thing you will do is create a login at our sign-in guestbook. After that, you can get a tour of our shop, see what kinds of tools or bikes we have available, and ask any questions you may have about our mission, procedures, or anything in general. We will also help you with a single minor repair — figure no more than 30 minutes of stand time. Some repairs will need a replacement part. You can supply your own, or buy a used or new part at the shop; we work to keep our part prices very affordable.


How do repairs work?

You can work on your own bike with professional repair stands and tools we have in our space.  Volunteers will be able to offer advice, but won’t be able to cover every step or complete repairs for you.  We cannot offer storage for personal bikes in Campus Bike Center (campus location) so be ready to take your bike home with you.  Members can leave their bike at The Bike Project (Urbana) for 2 weeks.  Our spaces are open to the public on a first-come, first-served basis. We have several repair stands and tool sets.  You must use a repair station when repairing your bike.  Working on the ground is not allowed.  Taking tools outside is not allowed.