The Bike Project is committed to making our space as inclusive, accessible, and safe as possible – physically, socially, and personally. Interpersonal interactions in this space should be based on mutual respect, tolerance, and acceptance. Here are some ways you can help us achieve this!

1. Be considerate and kind in your interactions with others.
2. Welcome and encourage input from all voices in the coop.
3. Respect each others’ bodies and personal spaces.
4. If someone directly or indirectly expresses discomfort with something you have done or said, respect them and stop doing/saying that.
5. Language or clothing that expresses sentiments that discriminate against a group of people based on race, ethnicity, age, gender identity, sexual orientation, religious beliefs, political principals, physical differences, or social background are not permitted.
6. Respect preferred names, gender pronouns, and expressed identities.
7. Physical violence, verbal abuse, sexual harassment, discrimination, and intimidation will not be tolerated!
8. Stealing is not cool. Don’t do it.
9. This is a collaborative teaching and learning space. Ask if someone needs help, don’t assume they do; show or tell people how, don’t do it for them; and don’t take tools out of another person’s hands.
10. Sometimes people want to work alone. That’s totally acceptable.

If you feel uncomfortable in the space for any reason, have questions, or have ideas about ways to make the space safer, more inclusive, or more accessible, feel free to talk to a staff member or contact the Steering Committee at